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You can learn more about the New World directly from Professor Eddie Obeng.

Pentball.gif (1381 bytes)How do I get my hands on stuff?

If you follow any of the routes below you will be asked to give your details before being shown a sample of the stuff we have.  If you want to purchase after you have seen the sample simply follow the instructions on the page. 

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Pentball.gif (1381 bytes) I want to have access to learning materials Slides, Questionnaires, Handouts, Exercises. (Cost is for download only you may make as many copies as you wish)

Pentball.gif (1381 bytes) I want to buy a packaged course including simulation. I will be taught how to run the course on my own. (licence cost 1500per use, plus training course at 1500)

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If you get lost follow the explore ship and then use the red blob to get back here.


You can join the Virtual Business School Network.  It is an opportunity to work with like minded people on exciting projects.  

What do I have to do to join?

You can register with The Virtual Business School for $150 per year.  

  • Provide a short commentary on your view of the New World/ New Economy and how your approach fits with leading thinking.
  • Provide a CV or profile.
  • A 200 word synopsis or summary of your main areas of research or key most recent learning.
  • Your current fees or day rates for the activities you are interested in.

As a result-

  • You will gain access to shared New World community areas. and access to some of the worlds leading New World pioneers.
  • Your CV and profile will be displayed on the site specifically to be accessed by potential clients.
  • You will have access to the Virtual team member area which includes opportunities on new projects and client work.
  • You will have access to learning materials, questionnaires, simulations in the Virtual team member.

If you wish to join now follow this link:




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