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If you wish to speak with our Director of Learning  Professor Eddie Obeng You can webmail:    here
Phone (24h):          +44 (0) 1494678555
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Fax:                        +44 (0) 1494671291



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Leading Organised Talent through Personal Leadership, Virtual Organisations and Coaching


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Delivering Tomorrow through Managing Change, Projects and Programmes

IM_Oh_Really_small.gif (6756 bytes)About Eddie Obeng

(Eddie Obeng) An agent provocateur    

Financial Times

(Pentacle) of a new generation of on-line colleges is forcing traditional business schools through an entrepreneurial learning curve       

Industry Standard

Eddie's cyberclubs have the right brew...    

Financial Mail

His books are split between a Raymond Chandler-like novel and a practical how-to section with Obeng’s idiosyncratic tools and techniques. .......A man to watch

Human Resources

'Making it happen' is Obeng’s constant refrain and his books are an antidote to the dryness of much managerial theorising. They come complete with their lessons in fictional form and implementation techniques such as rat-holing, blowing bubbles and the sticky steps approach to planning. Old world they are not.  

Financial Times

The revolution is here. One of the emerging revolutionaries is Eddie Obeng founder of Pentacle The Virtual Business School

                                                                  Business Life

What makes Obeng unusual is that he is prepared to back his ideas in the cut and thrust of the marketplace. While most management thinkers espouse theories from safe havens, Obeng is experimenting with his own ideas 

Business in Africa


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Inventing the Future through Innovation, Strategy and Marketing Planning


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Delivering Results through Financial Performance Managment and   Business Acumen


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Delivering Today thorugh Co-ordinating People Information and Material flows,Purchasing and supply chain

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