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You've got enough work on anyway, so it's no surprise that you haven't had the time to prepare this important presentation.  Although it could make-or-break your career your nervousness means that you've kept putting it off, and now it's too late to prepare.

No problem, with our Automatic Speech Generator you can make the speech and even have the slides to back you up!


1. Start your speech/ presentation with the words below and then just read the auto generated sentences which are produced

2. Simply click the button marked 'Continue' for your next line - remember to pause and breath deeply for effect to show your commitment passion and sincerity :-)

3. Keep clicking the 'Continue' button to keep the speech going!. End the speech with our pre prepared sentence

4. End the speech using our pre prepared speech ending
How it works:

Clicking on 'Continue' randomly selects from four sets of standard phrases and connects them into a thought-provoking but meaningless sentence





Dear Colleagues

We are investing our time today to ensure that we can achieve sustainable success...


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 I'm certain that forward looking people like you, in touch with the strategic imperatives or the organisation agree entirely.

Now it is time to act!

Thank you for your time and attention

5.   Sit down

Please tell us how well your presentation was received.
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