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Developing People and Organisations

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Pentball.gif (1381 bytes)In 1992 Professor Eddie Obeng decided to attempt a challenging quest.  The quest was to reinvent Management thinking and practice to match the fast paced,  complex ever changing world we now live in. 

He has completed this task and has created a management approach based on 12 rules which transforms the way you need to approach your challenges in order to achieve great success. 



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12 Rules for the New World:

Pentball.gif (1381 bytes)We believe the world of one-off improvement, however radical, is gone. Instead, organisations need strategies  which evolve and grow continuously. And so must the people in them.

Pentball.gif (1381 bytes)We focus on the needs of people who are trying to create flexible, flat, customer focused, virtual organisations for success in the new  world.

Pentball.gif (1381 bytes)We will help you develop your people to manage change and implement your strategies by providing continuous and highly tailored learning (we've abandoned the 'sheep dip' approach of conventional management development & training).

Pentball.gif (1381 bytes)We run a series of company specific courses and programmes based on the principles of the New World philosophy  invented by Professor Eddie Obeng.


Read more about this from the book New Rules for the New World

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