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Why you must not panic
What must know to survive?
How must I act to survive?
Why Pentacle can help you
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P E N T A C L E   H O M E   P A G E

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Why you must not panic   WATCH THE VIDEO


Just because it seems impossible doesn't mean you should give up hope.  Focus, Learn, Remember, Act,   Be Bold, Try things you've never done before. 




"Gentlemen we have no money, therefore we must think."       

Ernest Rutherford

...Before you ask - It's probably not really true...but enjoy the possiblity all the same! 





It's NOT a recession.  It's NOT a depression.  The weird changes have been going on for decades, record mergers, record oil prices, record growth record house price rises. Black Swans everywhere, but because we thought we were getting richer we didn't notice the abnormality. Now we think we're getting poorer we're worried.   Watch the World After Midnight (WAM Let's talk) podcast on the right to understand how the crisis is a mere event in a bigger pattern of change.  We've spent a lot of time understanding and delivering results in this new world and that is why we are able to to be more precise on what you should and can do to survive and thrive on this  challenge

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Product Details Product Details
Why Pentacle can help you...
  • The right educators - Teachers who are entrepreneurs and Business people who can really teach and make it stickPentacle logo 2cm.jpg (15354 bytes)

  • The right content - No Blah Blah.  10 years of original research into tools methods, frameworks for succeeding in complexity and ambiguityPentacle logo 2cm.jpg (15354 bytes)

  • The right way for you to learn - On your real challenges not theoretical cases.  At your speed of your application. By e-learning and telephone coaching at your conveniencePentacle logo 2cm.jpg (15354 bytes)

Wordle: Executive Hopes
Business Success in Difficult Times


There are no opportunities. There could be possibilities but we must first create them.  
Eddie Obeng

Every one is in a hurry to find possibilities which they can turn into opportunities

We have developed menu driven formats to help you quickly get a customised programme

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